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What is Origin Konnect ?

Origin Konnect is an Export data driven dashboard of 100+ countries with multiple analysis reports. You can empower your exim business by using our services. Origin Konnect helps businesses to improve their international business by providing Export data of global countries. Our online dashboard offers direct access to the data of importers and exporters. We keep the data updated regularly with all the updated information, recent market details. We have all your needed reports and analysis in sharp visualization.

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Why does your business need Origin Konnect?

At Origin Konnect, we deliver the world’s most accurate statistics– and the insights you need to master global trade. Whether you’re in government, corporate strategy, manufacturing, analysis, law, or part of an international organization, our dedication to accurate, verified, and comprehensive data empowers you to make well-informed decisions that lead to success.We have Import Export Data Bank for buyer and seller discovery and analysis dashboard for exporters and manufacturers.

  • We Assemble and Publish the World’s Trade Data
  • Mapping the Global Trade Landscape
  • Gaining Market Insights
  • Customized Trade Data

Unique Dashboard

20 Types of Unique Dashboards with chosen inputs workspace can help you to identify the actual path of your business and growth.

Live Screen Support

Get instant and on screen assistance on your workspace from a professional business analyst. Analyze your Import Export Database and Searches configured in second’s right in front of you.

Top Customers & Suppliers

Discover new opportunities by seeing who does business with your peers or competitors.

Visualize Progress

Generate your reports on the basis of Market trend, Price, Volume, supply and Sales and find an immense effect in smart business decisions.

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