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About Company

Welcome to the OriginKonnect

Empowering Small & Medium Size Businesses to Grow Globally

Our Aim

We empower small and medium-sized businesses by providing them with digital trade finance solutions, enabling them to engage in international trade. We firmly believe that international trade plays a pivotal role in driving global development, and we are committed to supporting businesses in harnessing its potential.


Experience the Power of Factoring Finance and Trade Finance Solutions. As an exporter, you gain access to immediate working capital up to 90% of the invoice value with minimal documentation and no hard collateral requirements. Origin Konnect offers a range of funding options through multiple vendors, ensuring seamless financing for your business

  • Factoring
  • Trade Finance
  • Export Finance
  • LC Financing
  • LC Discounting
  • Export Domestic Finance
  • Export Sourcing Finance
  • International Bill Discounting
  • Any Financing Related To Indian Export

Solution & Advantages

Unsecured financing facility: Suppliers can utilize collateral as needed.

Factoring limit - Off-balance sheet (non-recourse)

Turnover-linked: Fast-growing businesses can benefit from this feature.

Comprehensive product suite: Our offerings include finance, sales ledger management, collection services, and credit insurance.

Online service access: Suppliers can conveniently view statements online.

Documentation with suppliers: The facility documentation remains with suppliers, with only intimation notifications served to buyers.

Post-shipment facility: Funding is provided immediately upon shipment.

Flexibility in terms: We are open to supporting extended terms as mutually agreed upon between the buyer and seller.